Saturday, November 13, 2010

North Dakota Takes One With One Goal

Wow, what a game.  The Sioux played short for almost two-thirds of last night's game in Madison and still only gave up sixteen shots on goal.  Dell looked solid in goal and with Gregoire scoring the only goal of the game in the third period.  That shot was right in front of us and the corner he picked did not have a very big hole but the puck hit the water bottle and the red light went on.

This was a big win for the team, I don't know how they had enough gas in the tank to play shorthanded and still hold on to take a win from the Badgers in the Kohl Center.

My guess is that tonight will be a struggle.  Should the Sioux sweep it would be a huge step in the development of this team.  Next week will not be any easier when they travel to Omaha so another two points tonight would really help in the march towards March.

Madison Here We Come

I am writing this as we head on down the highway to Madtown to watch UND play in the home state of Derrick LaPoint. Hopefully it will be a great homecoming for him!

Last week was a lost opportunity. The Sioux took care of business on Friday night with a gritty win over the unbeaten Bulldogs of Duluth but on Saturday night let two points (or a minimum of one) go.

The second game went into overtime and with the D pinching they got caught on an odd man rush and gave up the game winner. The behind the back pass by the Duluth player was very nice but was the result of an awful play by our defensemen.

I have never played the game, yet alone coached hockey, but I have watched enough Sioux hockey to know that when you are on defense your first job it to keep the other team from scoring. Getting caught with the puck behind you never works out well if you are supposed to be guarding the blue line. Everyone on this team must work as a team to win, no one person will ever bring home the eighth National Banner on their back. Freshman to Senior, Captain to reserve player must never forget this fact! This was two points squandered.

Now on to the Badgers, we are looking forward to a great weekend with the LaPoint family in their home state. Thanks to Nate for the tickets!!

Although UND needs a sweep that really cannot be expected in the Kohl Center. Of all our travels this is our favorite arena as the atmosphere is awesome. The student section is so much fun to watch. I wish some of our students would take notes and bring their level up to that of the Badger faithful.

My prediction is a split with UND finally winning on a Saturday night.

Next week we head to Omaha with our Nate, his friend Phil along with the Narums and Haugens. Kyle and Vanessa are flying in from Denver to meet us so it should be another great weekend of Fighting Sioux hockey.

Go Sioux!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

It’s game day on a beautiful November day in North Dakota

It’s game day on a beautiful November day in North Dakota. The deer hunters are out in orange and the hockey team is getting ready to face the undefeated Bulldogs from Duluth.

Last week the Sioux split with Denver which I think is a shame. I feel that UND had more talent but just didn’t take advantage of that on Saturday night. The game on Friday night was electric as Eddie the Eagle took center stage. Ed Belfour who only played one year with the Fighting Sioux took us to the Promised Land and has never forgotten his UND roots.

Winning game one 4-3 seemed fitting, it was fast and clean. I was a little surprised about the clean part but nice work on both sides to show these two teams can actually get along. Saturday night was a bust! Shut out 0-3 the Sioux never recovered from Malone’s hit on Jesse Martin that fractured his C-2 vertebrae. I have watched the hit close to fifty times and I am still not convinced that a penalty should have been assessed yet along a game disqualification for this Friday’s game. It was certainly bad luck and we wish the best for Martin but it did not look like a malicious hit just a hard hockey hit. UND could not put it together in the offensive zone which seems to have been a problem for them in seasons past. They need to get that figured out soon.

Saturday was a fun day as we went to the UND Hall of Fame induction and got a chance to meet Ed Belfour and get a few autographs. The introduction speech by Gino Gasparini was great; my favorite part was when he said something to the effect of “Please take time before replacing the Fighting Sioux nickname to give people time to heal. At least wait until those of us who do not want to see it changed are dead”. I agree completely.

We hit the football game in the afternoon and sat two rows in front of Ed Belfour and his family. It was interesting watching the fans asking for autographs and taking pictures. I told Dee “It is not easy being famous either”. Later that night at the game we happened to be in the same suite as him and I asked him about that. He said that he does not mind as long as people are polite but that that was not always the case. Seemed like a very nice, humble man with a deep love for the Fighting Sioux and the UND hockey program.

This week is a big deal for the Sioux. They need a home sweep or they will be back in the same shape they have been for the past several seasons. Having to work their tails off in the second half of the season to get home ice for the WCHA Playoffs and rankings in the Pairwise.

I have not seen any Duluth hockey yet this year but they must be playing well under the form UND assistant coach Sandlin. Since they are undefeated maybe they are ripe for the picking, I hope so for UND’s sake. I am going to go out on a limb and predict a Sioux sweep. There are two tough road trips coming up so the need to get out the brooms!

Until next week,

Go Sioux!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Denver Weekend

The weekend sees the Denver Pioneers lead by George the Dasher Dancer. Last time they were in town George got lost heading to the locker room after getting kicked out of the game. Maybe the elevation difference got to him!

We always get pumped for the Denver series as does the team. They are one of what I think are UND’s top three rivals (Minnesota, Denver and Boston College). I believe after last weekend’s performance that the Sioux are going to come out and take care of business and sweep Denver.

In addition, I predict two fights that cause players to be ejected and at least one dance on the dasher by pretty boy George.

This is an important weekend for the team as it will be the only time these two teams meet during the season and it is the home opening weekend of the WCHA season for UND.

Adding to the weekend is Eddie Belfour’s introduction into UND’s Hall of Fame. Friday night is being billed as Eddie Belfour night. We have been Belfour fans since he played on the 1987 championship team for the Sioux. His replica jersey was one of the first jerseys I owned which I received as a Christmas gift. Many years ago, the entire family traveled to Winnipeg to watch him in goal for the Blackhawks as they downed the Jets on a Sunday afternoon. Great family memories that seen like just yesterday. I am hoping to get my jersey and a Blackhawks style Sioux game puck autographed, we will have to see how that goes.

Sioux Travel East

Last weekend sounded like a train wreck for the UND hockey team. We did not get a chance to listen to or see either game as we were in Las Vegas catching Jimmy Buffett's last concert on the Under the Big Top Tour.

We did go to ESPN Sportszone thinking Friday night's game would be on there but no luck. Maybe we were lucky as from all accounts it would have been depressing to watch.

Saturday night must have been better but still a loss to an eastern team is not going to help in the Pairwise as the season goes on. Hopefully the team learned some lessons that will pay dividends in the rest of the season. If not, last weekend was a disaster.

UND Opens the BREC

Two weeks ago we managed to get tickets to the opening of the Bemidji Regional Event Center and were able to watch the UND hockey team sweep the Beavers on the opening weekend of the WCHA season.

It was a great time and the Beaver fans were great hosts in fact one of the rink officials found a game puck for us on Saturday night. I think the Minnesota fans need to take lessons from Bemidji on how to make guest feel welcome and appreciated. One fan even thanked us for coming, nice!

The Sioux seemed much deeper and ended up winning both games 5-2.

We also managed to get in nine holes of golf on a cool but nice fall day. Looks as though that will be the final round of the year but you never know.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Season is Hours Away

The 2010-11 season is only hours away and we are pumped! Derrick LaPoint was named assistant captain and that is very special to us as he is "family"!

Sunday marks the first game of the last "Fighting Sioux" season. We are so sad that the vocal minority has won the battle, they may have won the battle, but not the war. Now their energy will need to be focused on the real problems of the Native Americans!

The UND Fighting Sioux will always be the spirit of this hockey program. You can take away the name but you will never take away the spirit.

This will be the last meeting of the Fighting Sioux and the Bison in hockey. The Sioux are ready to kick the Bison, some things never change!=

Look out, from what I know about this group of young men they not only have the talent but also the chemisty to bring the hardware home.

Three D men name Captain or Assitant Captain tells the story. They will shut down the other team and the talent up front will put the biscuit in the basket to put the "W" in the column.

Based on outside reports, I have heard that the team actually looks at this site, if so, thanks and drop us an email with your insite. You are part of the best NCAA hockey program in the USA and should be very proud of your association with the "Fighting Sioux"!

Until next week, GO SIOUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Orwicks

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Ready to Update Website for the 2010-11 Season

We plan to change the format on our website for the 2010-11 season and use the homepage to keep you up to date on the program, our family's activities and thoughts throughout the season.

The use of our blog is going to be secondary and include much of the same information posted on the actual website.  We feel that this will create a more interesting and active website.

Be sure to check our website often.

This is going to be a great season for the Fighting Sioux and the last in which the team will be able to wear the Indian Head logo on their jerseys.  Let's hope they can wear it with pride and while holding the University's 8th National Title.  That would be a sweet way to end such a proud tradition!

Lets go Sioux!  Let's go SIOUX!!  Let's GO SIOUX!!!  LET'S GO SIOUX!!!!

2010 WCHA Final Five Champions

2010 WCHA Final Five Champions