Saturday, November 13, 2010

North Dakota Takes One With One Goal

Wow, what a game.  The Sioux played short for almost two-thirds of last night's game in Madison and still only gave up sixteen shots on goal.  Dell looked solid in goal and with Gregoire scoring the only goal of the game in the third period.  That shot was right in front of us and the corner he picked did not have a very big hole but the puck hit the water bottle and the red light went on.

This was a big win for the team, I don't know how they had enough gas in the tank to play shorthanded and still hold on to take a win from the Badgers in the Kohl Center.

My guess is that tonight will be a struggle.  Should the Sioux sweep it would be a huge step in the development of this team.  Next week will not be any easier when they travel to Omaha so another two points tonight would really help in the march towards March.

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2010 WCHA Final Five Champions

2010 WCHA Final Five Champions